When Will the Price Steem to the Moon (ENG/IND) Kapan Harga Steem Akan Ke Bulan

Hello Steemian …!
When everyone does not think about and when more people leave Steem, then Steem prices will automatically increase … The reason is that more and more DAPP has grown under the Blockchain Steem and DAPP under the Steemit website to empower the steemit community.


From the words above, you or I can conclude that the more DAPP grows, the more items you need. What do you think about this growth …? And one more thing that becomes a challenge today is how we bring Steem to a broader level of business by utilizing the Blockchain Steem …! Have you now formed a plan to save your system or how you are trying to increase the price of steem. This is all our responsibility Steemian and the main task for the # promo-steem team. Thus, I can write a little view for you to develop Steem to build cooperation by bringing Blockchain Steeem to investors.

[ IND ]

Hello Steemian…!
Ketika semua orang tidak memikirkan dan ketika orang lebih banyak yang meninggalkan Steem, maka secara otomatis harga Steem akan meningkat…. Alasanya sekarang semakin banyak DAPP yang telah tumbuh di bawah Blockchain Steem dan DAPP yang berada di bawah website Steemit untuk memberdayakan komunitas steemit.

Dari kata-kata diatas maka anda atau saya dapat menyimpulkan bahwa semakin banyak DAPP yang tumbuh maka semakin banyak Steem yang dibutuhka. Bagaimana menurut anda tentang pertumbuhan ini…? Dan satu hal lagi yang menjadi tantangan hari ini adalah bagaimana kita membawa Steem ke tinkat bisnis yang lebih luas dengan memanfaatkan Blockchain Steem….! Apakah anda sekarang sudah membentuk sebuah rencana untuk menyimpan Steem anda atau bagaimana upaya anda untuk meningkatkan harga steem. Ini adalah semua tanggungjawab kita Steemian dan tugas utama untuk tim #promo-steem. Demikian yang dapat saya tulis sedikit pandangan untuk anda mengembangkan Steem membangun kerjasama dengan membawa Blockchain Steeem ke para investor.

Creating Business Opportunities with Blockchain Steem

Hello Steemian …?
Today I read Blog / Post @aggroed about the contest he made for our thinking of creating business with Steem. But I can give a little explanation about creating business opportunities by utilizing the Blockchain Steem. From the best, I can summarize that being saturated with today’s routine routines that demand to create articles in Steemit, the desire to organize Upvote itself and generate more income, is often used as the basis for some people to step into beggars. But often they are still confused in determining business opportunities as desired.


If we just wait for opportunities, we will never progress. Opportunities do not come by themselves, but we ourselves must try to find and create them.

Then, how do you create this opportunity by utilizing the Blockchain Steem?

In my opinion we can take advantage of educational opportunities by collaborating with universities around the world. As the steps taken by Team @Oracle-d collaborate with some universities in Indonesia in the field of developing education and business utilizing the Blockchain. This may be just the first step taken by Oracle-d.

For all information (@aggroed) about the steps taken and the costs required by the Oracle-d team, you can contact @starkerz and @anarcotech.

The blog / post that I shared is only advice and input for @aggroed, not for taking part in an ongoing contest. thank you

Giveaway Cards As You Wish #2 & Winner #1


Congratulations for the #1 @binkyprod winner.

For those of you who follow period #2, there are 5 more cards left, please choose as the rules like post #1:

Today I want to share with you all the Steem Monsters. I did this giveaway for my gratitude to all Steemit users. To get the card you must follow the rules that I made, the rules:

1. Upvote and resteem this post

2. Select one card above, which you want to have and give the reason in the comment

3. Winners will choose random and good reason comments at the end of this 6-day post contest.

good luck

The Easiest Way to Publish Steemit Works in 1RAMP


Hello Steemian …!
Have you known the latest APP connected to Steemit or Stealing blockchain …! Here it is 1Ramp is a Steem Powerd Social Media for creators. On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest out of the available eight: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel. We are on a mission to bring all creative communities to one place where people can collaborate, grow, and inspire.

Maybe for you Steem users, this App has a lot of benefits, including those of you who want to know the price of Steem and SBD Update.


To get this App you can download it on [Google Play](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hapramp) or go to the website directly https://alpha.1ramp.io/

Please try it which can be connected with Steemconnect which is guaranteed safe.

STEEMEUN Is Ready For Beta & Upgrade Version

Hello Steemian …


On the previous month I shared my promotional post for #steemeun. Today according to the announcement on the [Discord](https://discord.gg/V26KsqQ) Steemeun page, an upgrade for the latest version is available.


If you haven’t got the latest App to do your Steem mining, please join Discord https://discord.gg/V26KsqQ and you enter #updates to get the latest version. For more information, you can contact Admin @techtek in the discord chat. Thank you, hopefully it will be useful.

If the #Promo-Steem Fails, What’s the Solution Steem

Hello Steemian …!
Have you ever thought that #promo-steem failed to create a solution …? As from the beginning of the emergence of the Blockchain Steem in its Whitepaper. The Steemit solution pioneered by the circulation of the Steem blockchain in 2016 is one that utilizes new decentralized technology (Blockchain) to create a convincing and transparent transparent system that empowers its own user crowd to manage what content is hidden like other media, and what content financially rewarded. So then we can think hard that with the existence of the Blockchain Steem, we can create world change to show transparency to the public.


The main difference now lies between the information stored in Steem, and the information displayed on the Steem interface on steemit.com which has become the most used interface for blockchain in online media. But what is changing now is the emergence of Other Media such as Steemit which affects users and investors turning towards new ones. If we promoters do not display a new direction to create changes in the system, then all of our dreams to get to the successful #promo-steem will sink to the bottom of the earth.

Your name, who is able to create Steem, will succeed in the future …? The answer, in my opinion, is that all of us Steem holders continue to develop new ideas towards the market that affect the price of Steem, which continues to soar. Or you have a strategy that supports Steem back to the world surface capable of growing for the Blockchain Steem. Not only the founders or owners @ned thought of Steem to continue to grow in the world of media and the world of Crypto. They automatically have to think about how the beginning of 2019 to solve the SMT in front of the public so that the empowerment of Steem will increase and produce good prices for Steem users. If you have suggestions and input for this post, please add to our progress with users of Steem …. Salam #promo-steem ….

When Everyone Goes From Steemit, #Promo-Steem Keeps Survival

Hello Friends Promoter ….
Today you may be confused to build the trust of investors and people in Steem, but your doubts today should you throw away and be ready to work to grow Steem. When @anarcotech and @starkerz came to Indonesia, saying that people were throwing away and leaving Steem today, they would regret it later.


From these words I can conclude that when the Blockchain Steem develops, the price of Steem will soar. Some of you don’t think that Blockchain Steem will not develop as the Bitcoin Blockchain …! You have to know the beginning of 2019 in January, all SMT (Smart Media Tokens) will be approved under the Blockchain Steem. When an SMT appears, you have to think highly about how much it costs …?

Do you still doubt everything I explained above …? Evidence you can see from the experience of the emergence of the Bitcoin blockchain and the ETH blockchain at what price now …! But the blockchain Steem also issued SMT like Bitcoin and ETH to issue their tokens. But even so when SMT appeared under the Steem blockchain, then Steem rocketed the price by itself. Greetings #promo-steem and happy work …

Today’s Price of Steem 2 Nov Very Weak

Hello Steemian …
To hit today’s victory is very unlikely for Steem, because the price dropped very high above 1.5%. As for the price of the previous day which makes a little Steem holder happy. Today’s Prices:


The struggle is not over to increase the price of steem back a year earlier in early November, it has revealed prices that have affected investors to buy more. Can Kiata make Steem prices like the previous year …?

How’s Your Stealth Today?

Hello Steemian …
When the market is soaring, all Crypto will start to rise. But when the market is declining why is it that only a portion of Crypto prices drop so drastically including Steem …? Today, from the market, Steem’s market prices are starting at 2.5%.


What about your team whether we must continue to maintain or we must continue to work to promote Steem. We place a benefit when Steem is on the moon because I’m sure Steem will be on the moon. The enthusiasm to continue to bring the blockchain Steem to this success becomes us rich … Salam #promo-steem

What happened

Hello Steemian Friends …
Today the enthusiasm for increasing Steem prices may have to work hard … as information today the price of steem continues to fall and is very painful to note. This is today’s price :