How’s Your Stealth Today?

Hello Steemian …
When the market is soaring, all Crypto will start to rise. But when the market is declining why is it that only a portion of Crypto prices drop so drastically including Steem …? Today, from the market, Steem’s market prices are starting at 2.5%.


What about your team whether we must continue to maintain or we must continue to work to promote Steem. We place a benefit when Steem is on the moon because I’m sure Steem will be on the moon. The enthusiasm to continue to bring the blockchain Steem to this success becomes us rich … Salam #promo-steem

What happened

Hello Steemian Friends …
Today the enthusiasm for increasing Steem prices may have to work hard … as information today the price of steem continues to fall and is very painful to note. This is today’s price :


What should we do

Hello steemian ..
Today I may not be able to write and lecture here, because my mind is still confused and tense. To get out of this problem, what should we do when the Crypto market is increasing and the days that Coin prices are decreasing …?


Have friends ever looked for a way to increase Coin prices that you hold …? to this day I have not found an answer to increase the price … Some people say by bringing new investors to the Coin. But today I see that many big investors are in Steem, but Steem prices remain low … Do you have a way to increase the price of Steem …?

When Thinking of Steem Growth


I have talked a lot about #promo-steem or the need to add value to the blockchain Steem. The reality is that there are unlimited ways to do it so that this growth increases. If we think of a problem that might be solved by people in the Steemit community, and someone brings a solution that adds value Steem!

We can mention the fact that adding Steem value is a way to make Steem and Steemit grow, and we can explain what added value is, but I think the example is the right way to show how higher prices can be achieved …!

And also what do you think is now reaching the highest Steem price now …?



Hello Steemian ….!
Today, I was happy and grateful when I opened the page which issued the announcement of the Vote Coin contest winner.


With pride, I saw STEEM as the # 1 champion. Thank you comrades for giving Vote, this is a show Steem is a great and extraordinary community … horayyyyyyy

INS Rigves Steem in the Netcoin Crypto Exchange Contest


Hello Steemian …?
What do you think about the Netcoin contest …?
I think they INS cheated on the contest, because it was impossible in 1 Minute they got more than 200 votes. I was very disappointed with this, maybe the contest maker team had to research this. Hopefully the fake INS win and INS history is not a big community coin like Steem and they can’t win if they don’t cheat …,,,

Excitement Comes When Meet CO Founders #Promo-Steem

Hello Steemian …?
Today I feel very happy when I shake hands with promo-steem CO Founders, namely @starkerz and @anarcotech ..



In this meeting I got a bit of blockchain knowledge presented at the National Business Economics Seminar at the University of Malikussaleh Aceh Indonesia. Maybe a little disappointed because the time is not supportive to discuss the #promo-steem action.

But disappointed that this can be answered by looking at the Crypto Exchange Netcoin Contest, Steem is in first place, Maybe this is not enough to lift Steem 1st because it is still defeated. But now you have to come soon to give Vote to Steem the remaining time is still 18 hours away …

Give your Vote immediately before the time is up … Steem needs it

One of Your Votes Determines the Fate of the Future


Hello Steemian …?
Today is 2 days left to determine the fate of Steem’s price to circulate in all Crypto markets. But it seems that if we count from Seemit users all over the world, only 2% of users have given Vote to Steem. Where are you now….? Show the world that Steem is the most user by coming here to give your Vote:

We as Steemit users “Must” provide Vote for Steem, because this can support our income from the results of the Blog / post we issue. If Steem is circulating in all markets, Steem will automatically move to high stairs. Don’t wait for time to run out to give your Vote …

Finally @ned Exit To Give Vote Directives On Netcoin Crypto Exchange


Hello all Steemit users …?
Today @ned issued instructions for Vote Steem on Netcoin Crypto Exchange.
If you feel using Steem or Steemit netcoin crypto exchange still waiting for you 3 days 15 hours to press your Vote for Steem. What do you vote for Steem …? if Steem is at number 1 then Steem will be in all Crypto Exchange. Please enter and give your vote:

Steem needs you … And you are obliged to give Vote because this is the price of Steem to the moon.

Blog Post Your Reminder to Continue to Give Vote to Steem in the NETCOIN Crypto Exchange

Hello Steemian …!
Have you voted on Steem on NETCOIN Crypto Exchange today? If not, please log in now to:

Cra gives your vote please see my previous post

Today is the third day I give Voting to Steem.


When I give Voting, Steem is ranked 3rd with 2014 voting votes … For us to get Steem in first place we need 2000 voting again and we have to add more 5000 votes so Steem is not defeated at number 1. Coming soon and give your Vote to Steem because this is a success we increase the price of Steem if you are in all Crypto markets.