Creating Business Opportunities with Blockchain Steem

Hello Steemian …?
Today I read Blog / Post @aggroed about the contest he made for our thinking of creating business with Steem. But I can give a little explanation about creating business opportunities by utilizing the Blockchain Steem. From the best, I can summarize that being saturated with today’s routine routines that demand to create articles in Steemit, the desire to organize Upvote itself and generate more income, is often used as the basis for some people to step into beggars. But often they are still confused in determining business opportunities as desired.


If we just wait for opportunities, we will never progress. Opportunities do not come by themselves, but we ourselves must try to find and create them.

Then, how do you create this opportunity by utilizing the Blockchain Steem?

In my opinion we can take advantage of educational opportunities by collaborating with universities around the world. As the steps taken by Team @Oracle-d collaborate with some universities in Indonesia in the field of developing education and business utilizing the Blockchain. This may be just the first step taken by Oracle-d.

For all information (@aggroed) about the steps taken and the costs required by the Oracle-d team, you can contact @starkerz and @anarcotech.

The blog / post that I shared is only advice and input for @aggroed, not for taking part in an ongoing contest. thank you

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