If the #Promo-Steem Fails, What’s the Solution Steem

Hello Steemian …!
Have you ever thought that #promo-steem failed to create a solution …? As from the beginning of the emergence of the Blockchain Steem in its Whitepaper. The Steemit solution pioneered by the circulation of the Steem blockchain in 2016 is one that utilizes new decentralized technology (Blockchain) to create a convincing and transparent transparent system that empowers its own user crowd to manage what content is hidden like other media, and what content financially rewarded. So then we can think hard that with the existence of the Blockchain Steem, we can create world change to show transparency to the public.


The main difference now lies between the information stored in Steem, and the information displayed on the Steem interface on steemit.com which has become the most used interface for blockchain in online media. But what is changing now is the emergence of Other Media such as Steemit which affects users and investors turning towards new ones. If we promoters do not display a new direction to create changes in the system, then all of our dreams to get to the successful #promo-steem will sink to the bottom of the earth.

Your name, who is able to create Steem, will succeed in the future …? The answer, in my opinion, is that all of us Steem holders continue to develop new ideas towards the market that affect the price of Steem, which continues to soar. Or you have a strategy that supports Steem back to the world surface capable of growing for the Blockchain Steem. Not only the founders or owners @ned thought of Steem to continue to grow in the world of media and the world of Crypto. They automatically have to think about how the beginning of 2019 to solve the SMT in front of the public so that the empowerment of Steem will increase and produce good prices for Steem users. If you have suggestions and input for this post, please add to our progress with users of Steem …. Salam #promo-steem ….

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