When Everyone Goes From Steemit, #Promo-Steem Keeps Survival

Hello Friends Promoter ….
Today you may be confused to build the trust of investors and people in Steem, but your doubts today should you throw away and be ready to work to grow Steem. When @anarcotech and @starkerz came to Indonesia, saying that people were throwing away and leaving Steem today, they would regret it later.


From these words I can conclude that when the Blockchain Steem develops, the price of Steem will soar. Some of you don’t think that Blockchain Steem will not develop as the Bitcoin Blockchain …! You have to know the beginning of 2019 in January, all SMT (Smart Media Tokens) will be approved under the Blockchain Steem. When an SMT appears, you have to think highly about how much it costs …?

Do you still doubt everything I explained above …? Evidence you can see from the experience of the emergence of the Bitcoin blockchain and the ETH blockchain at what price now …! But the blockchain Steem also issued SMT like Bitcoin and ETH to issue their tokens. But even so when SMT appeared under the Steem blockchain, then Steem rocketed the price by itself. Greetings #promo-steem and happy work …

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