Steem Bounty Is The Solution To Get Out Of The Bot

Hello Steemian …!
Today I want to discuss a little about @steem-bounty …. Do you know about Steem Bounty …? If not, Steem Bounty is a community that will allow you to utilize your Steem Power in the most effective way, by automatically having mutual members upvote each other with the same voice value. Every round of voting you will raise the voices of other members of the voting club if they in turn have enough votes left to raise your vote with the same votes. This will be done until your voting power reaches the limit you have set or until we run out of members or posts that match you. As they explained on the main page of Steem Bounty:


> Benefits of Steem Vote Exchange Club
> Maximize the return of your Steem Power, by getting upvotes from other voting club members. Get the highest possible profit to Steem Your Power, better than delegating to polling bots. Do good for the Steem ecosystem, because you are still raising content.
Ensure more visibility from your posts – they get more votes.

If you don’t understand from my explanation then you can go to the following link to learn it:

And also you to register with Steem Bounty I can give you a little hint as follows:

Go to this link: and Clik Sing Up like instructions


After that you will get this page:


After you read all the rules and use of the Vote Club, if you are interested, click on “I’am Interested” as shown above. And so on you will get a page like this:


Fill in everything like a request like the picture above, and click on the green column “I’am Sure” as shown above. Welcome to the Steem Bounty Community
Hopefully useful for all of you ….

Little Understanding of the Blockchain Steem System

Blockchain is a system that does not use third parties. In essence, records of transactions that have occurred, are stored by many computers scattered on the network itself. So it will be harder to hack hundreds or thousands of computers, and the chances are small for all the computers to experience problems at the same time. So, if you for example pay for your coffee using Steem, Steem for the coffee payment is transferred from your address to your Cafe address in a peer-to-peer manner. And this transaction will be recorded on all computers scattered on the Blockchain Steem network.


– Open-source and Transparent

It’s important to understand that the blockchain code is transparent. If you are a developer who can read the blockchain code, you can verify what code is written. How much is Steem’s supply at the beginning of the Genesis block. What is the Steem inflation rate (to understand demand and supply). If you compare the common currency of a country (such as the Indonesian Rupiah), which is usually controlled by the central bank (Bank Indonesia), ordinary people like us will never know how much new money will be printed in the future, for example 10 years that will come; Or what is the bank’s interest rate next year. With cryptocurrency, all this can be verified in the written code.

– Decentralized / Not Centralized

Cryptocurrency is a spread system, where no one person or company controls it. The blockchain code is not located on a central server operated by a company, but is spread across thousands of computers on the blockchain network. You can also have your own node, where your computer / machine contains blocks and records of the blockchain transaction.

– Supply and inflation rates are clear (data available)

Because the blockchain is transparent, we can know exactly how much the cryptocurrency supply is and how many will be printed in the future.

But today we can start clearly for a business or government line using Blockchain technology. And also we are not deceived anymore as Facebook’s media experience stealing user data is utilized in an unclear place. Today you can switch to Blockchain Steem technology that all data is centralized and controlled by everyone without being stolen or hacked. For today I can provide you with this little information and I can explain only a little, maybe later on I can provide more information from the benefits of using Blockchain Steem for SMT development for the advancement of your media or business. Thank you for reading it ….

Impact of Profits for the World From the Presence of Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology was born in response to a number of parties’ concerns about how centralized software works. Blockchain technology was born in 2009 along with the emergence of Bitcoin – the first virtual currency. Blockchain technology is the technology that underlies the running of Bitcoin without relying on a centralized server and thus avoids the risk of downtime. The blockchain system is present by changing the centralistic approach to decentralization. In principle, blockchain technology conditions every server that runs this software to automatically form network consensus to replicate transaction data and verify each other’s data.

Therefore, when one server is hacked, the server can be ignored because it is considered to have different data with the majority of other server networks. This makes blockchain technology relatively much stronger against attacks than centralized technology because there is always at least 1 server running to handle transactions. Blockchain technology allows network consensus to record and validate each transaction so that incoming data cannot be forged, lost or damaged so that it cannot be manipulated by the network provider.

But my day is still confused with some people who think of me when doing #promo-steem to rural people. This is an experience I told you when doing #promo-steem, some people say this is duping and also a gambling server. At that time I felt angry and sad when they thought I was the one who brought knowledge that was aimed at their good and profitable.

Today I got a gift from this experience because more and more youth and rural communities met me to dig up information about Steem and Steemit. This is their greatest gift to understand that the future world of technology is in the hands of blockchain. Believe it or not you will see in the future technology will be replaced by Blockchain. Thank you, hopefully this blog is useful …

The Community Is The Best On Cryptocurrency

The Crypto community is currently very many and which is the best …? Most Criptos will definitely be segmented into the community, and the community will provide support for their favorite coins. Over time, most of these communities became very defensive. They have become an echo room where people just want to strengthen their hopes about favorite coins while closing different views.

![images (12).jpg](

But in the midst of all this, a large community stands out at the moment, and they are the Dogecoin community (DOGE). The Dogecoin community is more focused on fun and philanthropy. Whether the market is up and down, the Doge community is consistently happy and friendly with that. This is a unique sight, when considering the market is in a position below, most of the community is filled with anxiety about prices.

The attitude of the crypto community is indeed important in attracting new investors to this space. Because when a community is hostile, this will have a negative impact on others and can lock new investors who want to learn about the coin, not only that to ask questions about the problem will be even more difficult. When someone asks a question about coins and all they get is a defensive and impolite response, they just move to the next coin, or to another investment.

This is something that the Crypto community has always avoided. They are always open to anyone and they also allow new investors to ask questions about their platform in the world, and responses from developers and communities are always very informative and friendly.

But today we need to make a big change to our community that Steem will become a more efficient or more developed community compared to other Crypto communities. But the problem today is that all of us must be ready to develop the Steem community to be at the highest level … who did it …? that is, we are all to bring Steem to the moon and the main thing for promoters #promo-steem.

Finally the World Wants to Adopt Blockchain


Hello Steemian … Hehehe is a happiness for us crypto users who used to say that any Crypto will never be a currency for trading with merchandise. Now this will be refuted by itself because almost all entrepreneurs (in this case entrepreneurs with technology bases) are the first to compete to use Blockchain technology. Call it Walmart, British Airways, UPS and FedEx. Some companies managed to boost their stock prices after announcing the adoption of this technology.

Blockchain has solved many social problems. One of the Blockchain actions that deserve to make this technology world recognized is how it has solved many social problems to improve human life. Some of these problems include health and food.

Significantly, various juridics are making steps to integrate Blockchain-based technology into their business legal framework. There is a growing recognition that regulatory innovation can give the country a competitive advantage, making it more attractive to businesses and investors.

Developing countries have a big incentive to ‘jump’ using Blockchain. Most obviously, Blockchain gives them the opportunity to jump over various stages in the development process. For example, Fintech utilizes technology to improve quality, and access to financial services for individuals in markets that are traditionally impossible. With a variety of positive effects that Blockchain has successfully given, it is true that this technology has been accepted and will soon become an integral part of our lives.

But now we must be prepared to put Steem all Crypto markets to achieve the goal that Steem is able to design with other crypto as well as other coins in the technology market. Prepare you promoters Steem works from now on …!

New Arrivals To Steemit After HF20 Increases

Hello Steemian …!
Maybe in the previous month Steemit users dropped dramatically to very quiet Blog / post. Some of the users say Steemit will die and disappear as Crypto social media. I think this is the wrong information because most of the steemit users have not claimed that Steem will be destroyed in the crypto market. You can see the proof of the day from the list of newcomers to Steemit:


But behind that also the #promo-steem teams have not disbanded from the surface of the Steemit world to continue working to bring Steem to all circles and investors. What is proven is that many new projects under Dapp Steem emerged and developed APP and also SMT to improve and bring Steem to life. For example an APP mining Steem appears now in the Beta version of the trial which is STEEMEUM;

So now what other goals will we continue to carry high levels of Steem …? this is our immediate duty to continue the mission so that Steem returns to the previous period which costs 10 $. Good luck, hopefully our goals and ideals will succeed …

Dapp EOS is More Interested, How about Steem

Hello Steemian …!
Today I am looking for a little information about the development of Dapp Cryptocurrency. According to an online media news source that EOS and ETH are more interested than other Crypto including Steem. But the information says that dominance and relevance in blockchain space are now under threat, because there are many blockchain projects that Dapp ETH offers that are very large. But what day is the growth of SMT to emerge at the beginning of next year …?


Today many users have testified that the Dapp built EOS blockchain offers a better user experience than the one built from other Dapp blockchain. But today we can’t say that Dapp Steem will lose later when SMT is launched, because most of the SMT that are developing now are very promising for its users. And also many of the Steem users competing to bring Steem to the moon as Steem was at the top at the end of last year and earlier this year.

what do you think now from this information news that says! Or how should we start again to increase Steem and SMT’s growth so that Dapp blockchai Steem is growing …? I think the Blockchain Steem teams have to work hard now to launch the SMT program immediately so Blockchai Steem is immediately above or with a lot of SMT developing then…

Other Blockchain Steem and Crypto games

Maybe for some people it’s already on [SteemMonsters]( and maybe for many, Steemian hasn’t known about the growth of [SteemMonsters]( which will soon be launched for battle. The day you can still go to [SteemMonsters]( with a promo package.


Maybe you don’t understand about this game …? But you can learn very quickly and easily if you have already joined [SteemMonsters]( The experience of those who have been around for a long time in this game says luck is on their side when opening a lucky gold card for 1000 $. For you today to be able to [SteemMonsters]( easily only issue 5.3 SBD. As members of the [SteemMonsters]( community. This is a goal of the Steem Community growth to bring it to the moon.

The newest APP “STEEMEUM” for Steem Special Miners

Hello Steemian …?
Today I have corrected some impressive posts to develop Steem and the Community’s growth to bring Steem to the moon. A very impressive and useful experience today I got information about APP Steemeum which is very helpful for the Steemit community to develop and improve Steem. This APP is in the testing stage or in development. If you want to know more about this APP, I can give a little quote information from the original Blog owned by @steemeum:


> The ideology of Steemeum, is to bring the users of Steem, and this growing but very large group of cellular mining fans, the ability to mine some Steem as well.

> Steemeum will then become the 3rd released miner based on “proof of time” and aims to become the most popular mobile miner application, with similar alternatives or (of course) better, higher payments compared to other cellular miners initiatives.

> Opportunities for Steemeum and Steem
> Easy to use, micro mining with Steemeum brings Steem to a large group of invisible mobile users, users who are ready to adopt Steem Blockchain, its currency, Steemit, and many mobile devices around it such as Esteem, Steepshot, Actifit, Partiko, SteemWallet and more .

> Through Steemeum, active new users can get Steem, and get to know Chainchain Steem, and use income on blockchain Steem and related tools and markets.

> Steemeum will stand next to the Electroneum and Phoneum, and will expand the landscape of available mobile miner applications, and through there marketing and popularity, Steemeum’s cellular mining will align with it growing in popularity and on-board new users to the blockchain Steem as well.

> How does it work?
Steemeum mining is based on Proof of Time (POT), which means that users who have the most open applications and mine that week will get the highest award. Steemeum users can update the Steemeum daily miner post to increase the weekly prize collection, and with that there and other users there weekly payments.

> The ideal is to give all users at least the same or higher payment as a competitor’s application, (for the Electroneum it is around 0.05 cents per 3 days), If that would be half, it would still be a good competitor, but if not enough prizes for sending gifts may need to be restricted to most of the “Proof of Time” holders above. (This needs to be viewed and adjusted, depending on the test results)

> To keep the project running, the percentage of liquid rewards will be saved and used to pay for things related to keeping the project running, for future development and to keep the @techtek and @flash4yard teams and work on it too.

> When is the release ?
The app will be tested in a closed beta first, and will later be released in public beta. The closed beta is scheduled for this month, and depending on the results of the closed beta, the open beta app will follow soon.


I have tested APP STEEMEUM and I did it well. Are you interested in Steemeum cellular mining, and do you want to help test it before it’s released? Then join [Discord Steemeum]( for further details and the latest news and updates.

The price of Steem today is very sad



Hello Steemian …?
Today is the 4th day of successful installation of HF20 for Blockchain Steem. But what makes Steemian prices Steem decreases and is very vilifying in the Crypto market. Do we only see or do other work to support Steem’s price growth …? This is our duty for Promoters to support steem prices by bringing investors to Steem. Are you just waiting to see steem prices to the moon. Now you must wake up to the continuity of Steem to the moon. Congratulations on working for your friends and supporting each other’s prices on the moon.