Excitement Comes When Meet CO Founders #Promo-Steem

Hello Steemian …?
Today I feel very happy when I shake hands with promo-steem CO Founders, namely @starkerz and @anarcotech ..



In this meeting I got a bit of blockchain knowledge presented at the National Business Economics Seminar at the University of Malikussaleh Aceh Indonesia. Maybe a little disappointed because the time is not supportive to discuss the #promo-steem action.

But disappointed that this can be answered by looking at the Crypto Exchange Netcoin Contest, Steem is in first place, Maybe this is not enough to lift Steem 1st because it is still defeated. But now you have to come soon to give Vote to Steem the remaining time is still 18 hours away … http://contest.gonetcoins.com/

Give your Vote immediately before the time is up … Steem needs it

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