Berita Bagus Untuk Steemian Indonesia ( Aceh Khususnya )

Hello Steemian Indonesia…!
Berita bagus datang dar CO Founder #promo-steem @starkerz dan @anarcotech akan datang ke Indonesia. Sebagaimana publikasi dari post @oracle-d tentang jadwal kunjungan mereka ke indonesia bersama dengan misi dari Kampanye Oracle-D yang didukung oleh [Fundition]( Platform Crowdfunding yang Terdesentralisasi pada STEEM Blockchain. Ini Jadwal Mereka ke Indonesia :

> 18 Oktober: Tiba di Banda Aceh, Indonesia
> Menginap di Lamphuuk Resort

> 19 Oktober: Media Trend ACEH
> Pergi ke Lhokseumawe.

> 20 Okt: Buka Kelas di FEB Malikulsalleh University.
> Bertemu dengan Steemian Lhokseumawe.

> 21 Oktober: Kembali ke Banda Aceh,
> Bertemu dengan Steemian Banda Aceh.

> 22 Okt: Aceh Legislatif
> Kelas terbuka (Unsyiah / UIN)

> 23 Oktober: Berangkat ke Padang, Sumatera Barat
> Menginap: Hotel Daima

> 24 Oktober: Universitas Terbuka Universitas Andalas
> Bertemu dengan Pengusaha dan Legislatif.

> 25 Okt: Berangkat ke Jakarta
> Makan malam dengan Pengacara Indonesia

> 26 Okt: Calon presiden bertemu

> 27 Oktober: Asosiasi Pengusaha Muda

> NU online (presentasi dan konferensi pers)

> 28 Okt: Bloomberg TV & Berangkat ke Bandung
> Bertemu dengan Panas Dalam dan Steemian Dari Bandung

> 29 Okt: Open Class (ITB / Unpad)
> Pertemuan dengan Kepala Kerjasama Pemerintah.

> 30 Oktober: Kembali ke Jakarta
> Open Class (UI / UPH)

> 31 Oktober: Women Entrepreneur Association
> Konferensi pers

> 1 November: BREAK

> 2-3 Nov: Blockchain Summit

> 4 November: Berangkat ke Singapura

> Catatan: Kami akan mengadakan beberapa pertemuan pribadi dengan klien potensial di Jakarta.

> Seluruh perjalanan ini akan membantu kami menjangkau begitu banyak orang di Indonesia karena dapat menjadi Hub Teknologi Blockchain masa depan dengan lebih banyak berbagi pengetahuan dan kampanye pendidikan. Kami akan bekerja sama dengan beberapa pejabat pemerintah Indonesia, pengacara, intelektual dan berbagai pengusaha untuk menanamkan pengetahuan kami tentang Teknologi Blockchain dan bagaimana Steem dapat membantu melaksanakan beberapa proyek mereka. Kami menantikan dukungan Anda dan membantu kami dalam misi kami.

Sumber Asli dapat Anda Lihat di :

Ini adalah kesempatan untuk kita belajar Blockhain dari mereka dan mengeluarkan semua keahlian mereka untuk kita tumbuh dalama Steem bersama Investor.

Have and understand yourself in the community

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages both from knowledge, skills and attitude. We have the ability to recognize and find ourselves truly. We can know this condition through our experiences, insights and attitudes in daily behavior. For example, we have completed a work and the results of the work we do get a positive response from the people around us. People are involved in the work and by people who need results from our work, then we will believe in the strength and ability of ourselves to do something. But if the negative response we receive then our strength and ability are like a sinking treasure that needs to be discovered and lifted to the surface.


Because of that, as a #promo-steem promoter, we must recognize and understand our own abilities to support the implementation of our roles and functions as #promo-steem promoters. Why is having and understanding your own abilities important? Having and understanding your own abilities means you are self-aware. Self-awareness is the biggest foundation that builds all emotional intelligence. If we don’t know who we are or what we feel then how can we know or understand someone or what they feel.

Promoter skills to manage and monitor the emotions of others and understand the emotional differences between them and use them in monitoring their thoughts and actions, require self-awareness. In the context of a #promo-steem promoter, understanding and recognizing one’s own abilities is important because as people who are present in the community to move them to make changes, they must have confidence and confidence. By knowing and understanding these abilities, we will give our confidence and confidence in carrying out the role and function as the #promo-steem promoter. So recognizing and understanding one’s abilities is important as one part that is able to arouse our confidence and confidence. In the end, the ability to understand and use our emotional strength wisely is a must for a #promo-steem promoter.


Hello all …?
Below is my entry “ICON DIGITAL NETWORK CONTEST LOGO DESIGN” For @truthproductions. Hope this fulfills the @truthproductions request.

![20180903_191401 (1).jpg](

![20180903_191521 (1).jpg](

All of the above logos I designed using the Pixellab App. Once again this can be or fulfill as desired requests to become their logo.

The reason why you have to join the community

The following are the benefits of a Steemian that I have felt and get when following the #promo-steem community, there are a lot of benefits if described one by one, therefore I simplify into a number of categories of benefits of community

– Science
By joining as part of the community, of course we can share with each other the same interests, exchange ideas, things that we think are trivial or something that is very useful for them, vice versa. And sharing knowledge will not run out, it will increase knowledge.

By sharing, we will add insight, get information about the experiences of each member. And as a pro blogger, it will open up opportunities to get networking and materials to write, and it will be actualized, not just getting information from the internet.

– family
With the Community our interests and hobbies will easily develop, because we are met by people who agree. Getting to know a lot of people who have different backgrounds who have the same goal, of course, will make yourself more enthusiastic about working than people who just walk alone.

– fortune
Through the community, it will open up networking, many acquaintances who will also open opportunities beyond our thinking, so that jobs related to our expertise will be easily obtained. Can add family and career smoothly.

– Self development
With community will make us much more confident, because we are not alone, we have backups behind if there are difficulties encountered. In a community that is formed an organization we will also learn a lot to judge others, the character of others so that they can train themselves to organize, commit and be patient. Besides that it will also hone our skills in organizing or writing because they are motivated by other friends.

Of course you will get more benefits than the above points, depending on what community is being followed. Please share with other friends through the return column below, if there are benefits for you and your friends …!

For you Steemit … Receive me for 1 year

Hello Steemian … and for those of you who had visited me a year ago …!

How are you? We’ve been in Steemit for a long time.
let alone meet, greet each other no longer because of loneliness.
I understand it all.
whether you still care about Steemit or not.

Maybe you ask, why do I write this all? If you think, because I want to
not to steal your attention, for what? then you think, I want to dramatize things
and even then not
I write all this, only I miss
all of you who like the same time we make good content and have you ever thought about today a year ago how much is Steem …? I hope you at least remember how Steem costs only 0.8 $.
at least you remember the difficulty of trying and the ease of giving up now because the price of Steem was like a year ago.

Comrade back today the Crypto movement has begun to support you all Steemian do not dissolve in Airdrop. Let’s move together again to promote Steem to everyone. I’m still here for #promo-steem.