Target #Promo-Steem Activities That Lead to Investors


#Promo-steem activity is one of the efforts to inform Steem that we are now living in Steemit. This promotion can help investors to know more in all forms of Steem and everything related to Steem. This promotion can also increase Steem sales. In conducting promotions there are certain techniques so that what we do is right on target. In addition, we must pay attention to the way we promote to attract more investors and benefit.

The essence of promo activities is benefits, or the reason why potential investors must buy Steem. The benefits of Steem can be grouped into 3, namely:

– function. What Steem can do, (example: Exposing super fast transactions for only 3 seconds)
– image. The style, prestige and market value of crypto are easily available
– Extra benefits. Another benefit that is not the main part of Steem, which can be used as the main capital in Steemit as a steempower that is beneficial if giving curation to others.

So, our discussion about ” #promos-steem goals” on this occasion hopefully can add insight to your promoter friends, and hopefully all the articles that we present in this blog can be useful.

The reason Steemian Must Join the Community

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Based on Wikipedia, the community comes from the Latin communitas which means similarity. In short, the community I mean is a group of individuals who have intentions, beliefs, resources, needs, risks, preferences, and a number of other similar conditions. The community in the last Steemit is indeed growing rapidly. Not only those with big names, but many small communities in Steemit. If it is said that the number of communities in Steemit might reach hundreds.

Joining in a community is of course not collected, there are many positive things that you can get, especially if the community matches the hobby and one goal. Many benefits that you can get when joining a community. So, here are some benefits you can get:

1. Insight
If you have a hobby and never share with others, your knowledge will obviously not develop. But if you join the community, you will meet many people with similar hobbies and different experiences whose knowledge you can “steal”. Automatically, your insights will increase and your hobbies will be on the road.

2. Friends
There is an expression, a thousand friends will never be enough. By entering the community, you will meet many people from various circles. List of friends in the real world, you will definitely add, not just cyberspace friends.

3. Future Investment
What you are doing now is investing in your future. Who knows your success in the future thanks to your activities in the community, not from the formal education path.

4. Life is increasingly positive
Entering a positive environment your life will be better. You are less likely to fall into the same negative direction. Because you hang out with people who have the same enthusiasm for the future. Believe, positive energy is contagious and also the benefits of you getting upvote are more likely in your blog / post.

5 Years To Come, People Will Use Cryptocurrency A Lot

Hello Steemian and Cryptomania … The world of money is revolutionizing before our eyes. Cryptocurrency creates a new paradigm for alternative payment systems and decentralized banking. There is no doubt that the adoption of various cryptocurrency users is increasing rapidly. The cryptocurrency industry has become more fluid because the border between it and mainstream finance continues to blur. At the same time, regulators spend hours at work adjusting the circle of booming crypto fans.

![images (7).jpg](

But today you might think Steem will always be down …! Don’t doubt you’re in steem. Because Steem will become a big Crypto at a time, just like ETH. Because at the beginning of next year Steem will start launching the SMT for the desire of steem like ETH makes ERC-20.

Are you still hesitant to bring capital or start investing in Steem? Maybe some of Steemian now have doubts about Steem. I am still convinced that this Steem will be on the moon. We will prove it right or wrong my words today …!

My Entry Art / Graphic Design Contest-Steem: The Gateway To Cryptocurrency

Hello All …?
Today I tried to do some picture edits for the contest held by @timcliff. I gave the meaning of the design that in this 3rd opportunity until the next 7 days Steem will be on the moon. This is the result of my edits:


Hopefully this can fulfill it for the contest held by @timcliff.

My Entry Design Logo “Icon Digital Network”

Hello all …..
On this occasion I tried again to make the Icon Digital Network logo. In accordance with the fans released by @truthproductions to narrow the Desing, this is complete info:

These are the 3 forms of my design:




Hopefully it meets the wishes of @truthproductions.

Blockchain “Benefits and Challenges”

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Blockchain, mostly known as backbone technology behind Bitcoin, is one of the hottest and most interesting technologies currently on the market. Since 2013 Google’s search for “blockchain” has increased by 1,900%. Very similar to the increase in the internet, blockchain has the potential to really disrupt some industries and make the process more democratic, safe, transparent and efficient. Businessmen, startup companies, investors, global organizations and governments have all identified blockchain as a revolutionary technology. All emerging technologies should have some positive and negative impacts in their application. Now we will discuss what are the important benefits & challenges associated with implementing blockchain technology:

Benefits of Blockchain Technology
1. Disintermediation
Two parties can conduct unattended or intermediary exchanges from third parties, greatly reducing or even eliminating counterparty risks (third parties or participants, either banks or customers, with whom financial transactions are made, or parties who conduct financial transactions).

2. The users are authorized
Its users have control over all their information and transactions.

3. High quality data
Blockchain data is complete, consistent, timely, accurate and widely available.

4. Durability, reliability and longevity
Because of a decentralized network, blockchain does not have a center of failure and is better able to withstand dangerous attacks.

5. Process with integrity
Users can trust that transactions will be carried out exactly the same as protocol commands and eliminate the need for third parties.

6. Transparent and immutability
Changes to public blockchains can be seen openly by all parties that create transparency, and all transactions that cannot change, which means they cannot be changed or deleted.

7. Facilitate the ecosystem
With all transactions added to Ledger common single / single public ledger, reducing clutter and complications from some ledger / ledger.

8. Faster transactions
Interbank transactions can potentially take up to several days for clearing and final settlement, especially outside working hours. But Blockchain transactions can reduce transaction times in minutes and be processed 24/7.

9. Lower transaction costs
By eliminating third-party intermediaries and overhead costs to exchange assets, blockchain has the potential to reduce transaction costs.

Challenge blockchain technology
1. Newborn technology
Addressing challenges such as transaction speed, verification process, and data limits will be very important in making blockchain that can be widely applied.

2. The regulatory status is uncertain
Because modern currencies are always created and regulated by national governments, blockchain and Bitcoin face obstacles to the problem of adoption / application by existing financial institutions if the status of government regulations has not been established.

3. Eating big energy
Bitcoin miners on this blockchain network are trying 450,000 trillion solutions per second in an effort to validate transactions, using a large amount of computer power.

4. Control, security and privacy
In addition to a solution, including blockchain private or permissioned and strong encryption, there are still cyber security concerns that need to be addressed before the general public entrusts their personal data on the blockchain solution.

5. Integration problems
The Blockchain application offers solutions that require significant changes or complete replacement of existing systems. In order to make changes, companies must develop a transition strategy.

6. Cultural application
Blockchain is a complete shift for decentralized networks that require buy-in of users and operators.

7. Fees
Blockchain offers tremendous savings on the issue of transaction costs and time but the cost of high initial capital can be a barrier.

Most Quotations:

Relax with the Limesoda Game Challenge “The Game – Hodl the Coin”


Hello Steemian all over the world …!
While relaxing or want to start the challenge from the game @limesoda How long can you get Steem? Find it 🙂

Today you may be part of steemian who is stressed by steem prices down or tiring work, try this game that might relax your mind. Hopefully useful for you ….

How to get money with the world of cryptocurrency


In the Digital or Cryptocurrency world, of course there are so many opportunities and opportunities to make money. But not so many people know what opportunities are available, let’s go what are the ways to get money:

– Cryptocurrency mine

Mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to public ledgers, known as Blockchain. By using Bitcoin as an example, new Bitcoin will be released for Miners who contribute to the block through the hashing power of computer equipment such as CPU, GPU or Miner tools, which are directed to the Blockchain via the internet. But miners will get results in the form of Bitcoin where they can sell it for currencies. Please note that only Cryptocurrency that has POW (Proof-of-Work) specifications can be mined. The thing that needs to be considered is the initial investment fund to buy mine hardware, and electricity operations to run it every day.

– Staking

Staking is a process where the cryptocurrency will be stored in a wallet to get “interest”. Revenue through staking varies from 1% to 100% per year depending on the Cryptocurrency specifications. Please note that only Cryptocurrency that has POS (Proof-of-Stake) specifications can be staked. The thing to consider is whether the Cryptocurrency price will maintain the value in the long run to be staked, so that the initial value of the investment to buy the Cryptocurrency is not detrimental to the initial capital.

– Masternode

Masternode is a complete Cryptocurrency node and works by storing a complete copy of Blockchain in real-time, to perform several additional functions such as:

– Ability to increase transaction privacy
– Ability to transact instantly
– Ability to control decentralized and other features

To run Masternode, you need a certain amount of the Cryptocurrency according to the specifications. Beyond that, hosting via VPS (Virtual Private Server) is needed to run the Masternode. After the Masternode is operational, the revenue in the form of Cryptocurrency will enter every few days. Broadly speaking, this process is indeed similar to the Staking process, but there are also differences between them. Not all Cryptocurrency has specifications to run Masternode.

– Mining Bloggers

Well the last thing in my opinion we can use a number of platforms to write blogs and share photos and videos: Examples such as Steemit,, reading, Mvp. and many more are now being launched. With so many opportunities in the world of Cryptocurrency, it remains important to diversify, risk management and research on Cryptocurrency. May be useful.

My Entry 02 “LOGO DESIGN CONTEST ICON DIGITAL NETWORK” For @truthproductions

Hello all …?
Below is my entry “ICON DIGITAL NETWORK CONTEST LOGO DESIGN” For @truthproductions. Hope this fulfills the @truthproductions request.



All of the above logos I designed using the Pixellab App. Once again this can be or fulfill as desired requests to become their logo.

Strategy to Bring Capital to Cryptocurrency


Many investors invest in digital currency after the fantastic increase in the value of Bitcoin in recent years. In the long run, it’s no wonder that the Bitcoin price trend continues to crawl up. However, amid the soaring value of Bitcoin, there are concerns that the Bitcoin bubble will soon explode in a terrible crisis. Investing in the crypto world doesn’t mean you can get instant profits and become an impromptu rich person. There are several things that need to be learned such as strategies and understanding of curves that can help you to achieve your goals.

In investing it is very important to know and fully understand the knowledge of cryptocurrency itself. You need to know the terms that exist in the cryptocurrency before investing in this field. If you don’t know the basic techniques of cryptocurrency, you will be confused yourself when investing. You also need to know how to do business, because in cryptocurrency there will be a trading and investment process. You need to learn the space for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency traders are mostly people who have long known the nature and character of cryptocurrency. They have understood the cryptocurrency trading system well. Programmers and people who understand about technology also participate in the cryptocurrency trading process, because cryptocurrency is a very profitable business today.

In researching a market, usually a trader will refer to fundamental analysis, so that you will understand information related to the market. You can do this often by looking at the stock market. Crypto market has a very high level of volatility, the movement of its value can occur very quickly and defeat the trading logics that have been known. You can look at the charts on the stock market and focus on the chart so it will get an easy understanding of the price fluctuations.

Most importantly, you must understand the price fluctuations in these vendors. Because price fluctuations are the key to finding profit from cryptocurrency. Where you have to buy coins when the price goes down and sell it again when the price goes up. There are several factors that determine the rise and fall of the value of an asset, for example speculators, changes in market demand, market supply and manipulation by large institutions.

You must avoid making the decision to buy a coin only on the grounds that the coin is a coin that is popular and has a value that continues to increase. Complete yourself with understanding from various sources and general trading theories such as Fibonacci, Relative Strength Index, MCD, Bolinger Band, and so on in determining your investment steps.