Waiting for Hardfork 20 for Steemit

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Hello Steemian …!
Like the announcement from the Blockchai Steemit Team the previous week by @steemitblog about the launch of Hardfork 20 for Witnesses, Exchange and Steemit users. Before we discuss this, have you understood Hardfork …! Hardfork is a coordinated update of the consensus rules that govern blockchain. Steem’s hardforks are controlled by witnesses who vote for hardfork versions and times. This voting occurs automatically when a block is produced in a steemd version that does not match the witness’s previous voice. When a version and date are approved by most witnesses, the next block generated after the selected time activates hardfork.

But yesterday we can’t access our Steemit account because of testing for Hardfork 20. Don’t worry about the situation on unclear issues that say Steemit in Hack. as the announcement about the disturbance has run 100% normally now information from Blog / post @steemitblog: https://steemit.com/steem/@steemitblog/steem-status-100-operational

Hopefully by running Hardfork 20 we can go to the latest changes to increase or Steem last month. Don’t doubt you’re in steem because the Steemit blockchain team will make this change for all of us Steemian. Hopefully this will happen soon …

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