Building a Solid #promo-steem Team

Doing #promo-steem with teammates isn’t always fun. Whatever you are with friends, there are always times when everyone’s opinions can be different. There are also times when one of your colleagues is having a problem, so his enthusiasm decreases. In order to do # promo-steem can be successful and relationships stay good every day you need to keep the work rhythm together. And like a car that needs to be routinely checked, you also need to always pay attention to the following:

– Expectations on #promo-steem and their results Every member needs to understand why they are in a team and what their goals are. Is this a permanent team or for a project? What is the mission of your job? To what extent is the time and role of each team member, it is also important to keep in mind.

– Commitment Every team member needs to have the same commitment, to achieve the #promo-steem mission. To what extent do you view your contribution to #promo-steem and also for your own progress? This question also needs to be submitted to each other team member.

– What competencies does the team have evenly distributed or tends to be dominated by certain people and others only work behind? Instead, each member has certain abilities so that as a team will have even greater strength. It should also be seen, whether after you and your friends become one team, there is a development of abilities or not? If not, maybe you need to make a meeting for the purpose of #promo-steem.

– How far is the #promo-steem path that has been carried out now that it is effective and gives good results? To be sure, it needs to be seen whether you and your friends understand their respective roles and responsibilities, according to the role in the team. If something happens suddenly that disrupts the #promo-steem flow, discuss it together to anticipate it. Don’t wait until problems occur.

– Communication Your team will not be able to work optimally if there is no good communication. For this reason, you need to ensure that your relationships with colleagues are based on sincere and honest communication. Make sure the results of team work always get feedback from the public or investors. Because, if there is no suggestion or criticism, how do you know that everything is going according to the path?

Maybe this is a little input for some #promo-steem teams so that the enthusiasm to do so and how sure the price will be in the past. I remain here for all of you Steemit users.

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