The Best Step To Determine The Choice Of The Steemit Community

In choosing, of course, all want the best and benefit, in the life of the many choices we face, starting from choosing the items to be purchased, choosing the answer to the exam, choosing a job to choosing a life partner, if the choice is never calculated we face every day.

As human beings, we can only try to make the best choices, so as not to end up with regret, while ultimately good or not is the decision of an almighty God. There are several things we have to do before making a choice, the point is preparation, and everything we prepare is certainly more guaranteed the results will be good when you are in the community that you join.

– Thinking with a cool head
We never determine or decide a choice by being nervous, busy or not concentrating on thinking, or deciding on a case when we are in emotion, this is a bad action, because later the results tend to be bad. For example if you want to join the Curation trail community, you must be ready to face or be ready for your power voting at a low level.

– Research each option
When we are faced with several choices, let us examine all the choices and trace them carefully, if choosing A what is the impact, and B what are the shortcomings, if choosing C how will it be. all the choices we have to know the basics. Never choose unilaterally without thinking about other options. in this world nothing is perfect but there is the best and the same for us.

– Use the advice and input of the closest person
This is usually targeted to choose a mate, asking for opinions from the family is the right action, but to use advice from others, never more than 5 people, because if too much input is more confusing.

But to improve quality you have to be prepared to accept whatever happens even though Steem prices are declining as it is today. Most of the Steemians have now retreated from their former existence when Steem prices were high. Suggestions from me you must be ready always in Steem because someday steem prices will side with us. Enthusiasm to write and develop your community network so that the income from your blog / post results is filled with a little with the ability you spend. #Promo-steem spirit

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