Why Do People Oppose The Presence Of Crypto currencies


Many oppose the existence of cryptocurrency, especially the central bank and traditional banks because they will lose authority. The crypto currency does not need paper and coins to transact and does not need a bank to use. Their fear is very reasonable considering the existence of the bank is increasingly irrelevant.

On the other hand, economists who oppose more ‘know-how’ where they themselves do not know anything about cryptocurrency, about blockchain, software, computer technology, algorithm equations, to crypto market capitalization. Even they may never have bitcoin.

One reason the opponents are money laundry, but everyone knows that all currencies can be used for criminal activities. Virtual currencies can also be used for money laundering, but rupiah and dollars are far more likely to do that because it is more difficult to track than the blockchain method.
What do you think about the presence of so many Cryptocurrency and defeating Dollar currency …?

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