Addicted to Social Media That Doesn’t Make Money


If you are like not being able to resist the temptation to check your Social Media account or Steemit Account during business hours, or you feel anxious when you cannot check your cellphone or when there is no signal, you may want to see how much income there is from the publication you.

In recent years, social media users have found it difficult to get away from their devices because they have become dependent. For example, we teach people to drive … but everyone buys a cellphone and goes to find ways to learn to drive. The result is a variety of choices that social media users can try to make money from their habits. An hour’s session can reach tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars from Steemit.

But today there are also some people who waste their time on social media without making money. So for all of you readers this article can help them by introducing Steemit to those who are already addicted to social media. This is just a reminder for you to be able to support Steem prices to increase again. If everyone is in Steemit or everyone or all products can be bought with Steem, then Steem prices will automatically increase. The question now is whether you still think that this is all the duties of a promoter …? Not all of this is your job to increase steem prices.

Hopefully this article opens your eyes to bring steem back to more expensive prices.

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