Information on Achievements that have been obtained by SmartCash

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A number of recent achievements have made SmartCash an ideal choice for making payments anywhere in the world by introducing the following points:

– Username and address-based addresses of Bitcoins and other highly crypto currencies
– Self-funded model to ensure sustainable development and reach
– Transaction costs are less than 1/10 per cent
– An advanced governance system to vote for all SmartCash holders
– SmartNode to activate InstantPay and other services in the future
– Mobile application and web wallet that are easy to use

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2018 Initiative to Accelerate the Growth of the SmartCash Community

Following the completion of the previous road map, the global SmartCash developer team has compiled ten new road map achievements to be completed by the end of this year. These initiatives emphasize SmartCash’s core mission of providing crypto that is easy to use, commensurate, fast, seller-oriented, user-friendly, and community-based with a spread management system.


A revolutionary payment system that increases and / or eliminates the limitations of today’s conventional payment methods with the ability to form new sellers in minutes, confirm transactions within seconds, benefits not provided by conventional banks, and unlimited savings for sellers at a cost transactions are almost zero.

Send to Email function

Sending SmartCash to other people or businesses will be even easier with the function of sending SmartCash directly to anyone’s email address, even though they don’t have a web wallet account.

Adaptive Blocks

Blocks will increase based on the average block size to allow for maximum transactions per second, ensuring optimal scalability when individuals and sellers add to SmartCash.

24-Hour Service Center

The SmartCash support team provides a 24-hour support center that will help new sellers receive SmartCash and provide guidance to new users.

Digital Wallet Innovation, Core Enhancement, and Others

Other items included on the road map are introducing electrum wallets to erase waiting times to download blockchain, launch original cellphone wallets with various currency trading capabilities, increase block explorers for more precise accuracy, improve interfaces, and more.

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Media Relations Company Involvement

To improve visibility of previous achievements and announcements in the future, the SmartCash community has chosen to involve Blockchain Relations. Officially contracted on April 1, 2018, Blockchain Relations will use multiple communication channels and platforms to ensure ongoing media coverage through syndicated articles and editors, reach of journalists, news portals labeled SmartCash, and various engagement initiatives.

About SmartCash

SmartCash (SMART) is a separate blockchain-based crypto with community governance, self-funded communities, and mining accessibility on standard computers. With an emphasis on community involvement and seller adoption, SmartCash aims to create the fastest and fastest growing crypto.

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