Building Understanding Including Investors

Building investor participation can be important in the #promo-steem strategy. If investors feel involved in Steem, then they tend to believe and be loyal to continue to be in Steem. But there are so many things to build the right promotional strategies, and are superior to what everyone does.

Every day there are new ideas from promoters in promoting Steem. If the promotional strategy has been carried out, then the message in it will be able to get to the investor well, which is to attract investors to buy and be loyal to Steem. Give the target market Steem what they want or what they are interested in seeing. Offer something that seems to shout “Steem problem solver” or “Steem quick solution”, and your message will get their attention.

To create success in running #promos, steem cannot be separated from the right strategy or promotional strategy from a particular place. If the current activities and promotions still have not produced significant results, you will be in a difficult position when competing with your competitors. Hopefully the above steps are useful and can help you win or succeed in the promotion that you have done!

Watch Videos and Produce Coin ALX

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Community as a means of maximizing #promo-steem goals

After making a post about the steps to get income from Steemit, from the start from the first I made a post from the beginning to do #promo-steem. This time I want to share with friends about the community that can be used to maximize the source of income that is run. Maybe if friends have read the previous post which is a free step by step tutorial that I have sorted based on several levels from the easiest, time used, creativity, hard work to the hardest.

Indeed, the posts aren’t all made and are still in the process of building based on what I’ve run in the #promo-steemrural community. Now the most important thing is enthusiasm and staying in Steemit even though the price is decreasing. How about you..? are you still loyal to steemit …?

“Open Letters” Develop and Manage for the Team to Be Strong

No one can do activities that create good impact alone, so we all need to build a great team.

However, is building a team an art or a science?

When gathering, motivating and maintaining the happiness of a great team so they can nourish Steem, to be honest the combined elements of art and science exist.

There is no other way to explain how important a great team is for #promo-steem success. The quality of work that you will do must exceed the quality of the team that works behind it.

But today is the team that we have built still like before to work together to succeed #promo-steem …? Please answer your #promo-steem team in the comments …!

Building a Solid #promo-steem Team

Doing #promo-steem with teammates isn’t always fun. Whatever you are with friends, there are always times when everyone’s opinions can be different. There are also times when one of your colleagues is having a problem, so his enthusiasm decreases. In order to do # promo-steem can be successful and relationships stay good every day you need to keep the work rhythm together. And like a car that needs to be routinely checked, you also need to always pay attention to the following:

– Expectations on #promo-steem and their results Every member needs to understand why they are in a team and what their goals are. Is this a permanent team or for a project? What is the mission of your job? To what extent is the time and role of each team member, it is also important to keep in mind.

– Commitment Every team member needs to have the same commitment, to achieve the #promo-steem mission. To what extent do you view your contribution to #promo-steem and also for your own progress? This question also needs to be submitted to each other team member.

– What competencies does the team have evenly distributed or tends to be dominated by certain people and others only work behind? Instead, each member has certain abilities so that as a team will have even greater strength. It should also be seen, whether after you and your friends become one team, there is a development of abilities or not? If not, maybe you need to make a meeting for the purpose of #promo-steem.

– How far is the #promo-steem path that has been carried out now that it is effective and gives good results? To be sure, it needs to be seen whether you and your friends understand their respective roles and responsibilities, according to the role in the team. If something happens suddenly that disrupts the #promo-steem flow, discuss it together to anticipate it. Don’t wait until problems occur.

– Communication Your team will not be able to work optimally if there is no good communication. For this reason, you need to ensure that your relationships with colleagues are based on sincere and honest communication. Make sure the results of team work always get feedback from the public or investors. Because, if there is no suggestion or criticism, how do you know that everything is going according to the path?

Maybe this is a little input for some #promo-steem teams so that the enthusiasm to do so and how sure the price will be in the past. I remain here for all of you Steemit users.

Become a Prominent #Promo-Steem Promoter (Words of Wisdom)

Being a promoter not only introduces Steem, but be prepared to start your own adventure / trip as a #promo-steem promoter.

“A promoter who is good can inspire hope, ignite imagination, and instill love for Steem”

“Enthusiastic for a promoter for infectious Steem. This is a good opportunity to be captured! ”

“Don’t be a promoter who just waits to be a writer. Always learn new things ”

When you really become a #promo-steem promoter, get ready for all of them without knowing who he is.

The Best Step To Determine The Choice Of The Steemit Community

In choosing, of course, all want the best and benefit, in the life of the many choices we face, starting from choosing the items to be purchased, choosing the answer to the exam, choosing a job to choosing a life partner, if the choice is never calculated we face every day.

As human beings, we can only try to make the best choices, so as not to end up with regret, while ultimately good or not is the decision of an almighty God. There are several things we have to do before making a choice, the point is preparation, and everything we prepare is certainly more guaranteed the results will be good when you are in the community that you join.

– Thinking with a cool head
We never determine or decide a choice by being nervous, busy or not concentrating on thinking, or deciding on a case when we are in emotion, this is a bad action, because later the results tend to be bad. For example if you want to join the Curation trail community, you must be ready to face or be ready for your power voting at a low level.

– Research each option
When we are faced with several choices, let us examine all the choices and trace them carefully, if choosing A what is the impact, and B what are the shortcomings, if choosing C how will it be. all the choices we have to know the basics. Never choose unilaterally without thinking about other options. in this world nothing is perfect but there is the best and the same for us.

– Use the advice and input of the closest person
This is usually targeted to choose a mate, asking for opinions from the family is the right action, but to use advice from others, never more than 5 people, because if too much input is more confusing.

But to improve quality you have to be prepared to accept whatever happens even though Steem prices are declining as it is today. Most of the Steemians have now retreated from their former existence when Steem prices were high. Suggestions from me you must be ready always in Steem because someday steem prices will side with us. Enthusiasm to write and develop your community network so that the income from your blog / post results is filled with a little with the ability you spend. #Promo-steem spirit

Why Do People Oppose The Presence Of Crypto currencies

Many oppose the existence of cryptocurrency, especially the central bank and traditional banks because they will lose authority. The crypto currency does not need paper and coins to transact and does not need a bank to use. Their fear is very reasonable considering the existence of the bank is increasingly irrelevant.

On the other hand, economists who oppose more ‘know-how’ where they themselves do not know anything about cryptocurrency, about blockchain, software, computer technology, algorithm equations, to crypto market capitalization. Even they may never have bitcoin.

One reason the opponents are money laundry, but everyone knows that all currencies can be used for criminal activities. Virtual currencies can also be used for money laundering, but rupiah and dollars are far more likely to do that because it is more difficult to track than the blockchain method.
What do you think about the presence of so many Cryptocurrency and defeating Dollar currency …?

Addicted to Social Media That Doesn’t Make Money


If you are like not being able to resist the temptation to check your Social Media account or Steemit Account during business hours, or you feel anxious when you cannot check your cellphone or when there is no signal, you may want to see how much income there is from the publication you.

In recent years, social media users have found it difficult to get away from their devices because they have become dependent. For example, we teach people to drive … but everyone buys a cellphone and goes to find ways to learn to drive. The result is a variety of choices that social media users can try to make money from their habits. An hour’s session can reach tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars from Steemit.

But today there are also some people who waste their time on social media without making money. So for all of you readers this article can help them by introducing Steemit to those who are already addicted to social media. This is just a reminder for you to be able to support Steem prices to increase again. If everyone is in Steemit or everyone or all products can be bought with Steem, then Steem prices will automatically increase. The question now is whether you still think that this is all the duties of a promoter …? Not all of this is your job to increase steem prices.

Hopefully this article opens your eyes to bring steem back to more expensive prices.

Information on Achievements that have been obtained by SmartCash

![download (4).jpg](

A number of recent achievements have made SmartCash an ideal choice for making payments anywhere in the world by introducing the following points:

– Username and address-based addresses of Bitcoins and other highly crypto currencies
– Self-funded model to ensure sustainable development and reach
– Transaction costs are less than 1/10 per cent
– An advanced governance system to vote for all SmartCash holders
– SmartNode to activate InstantPay and other services in the future
– Mobile application and web wallet that are easy to use

To learn more about SmartCash innovation, visit

2018 Initiative to Accelerate the Growth of the SmartCash Community

Following the completion of the previous road map, the global SmartCash developer team has compiled ten new road map achievements to be completed by the end of this year. These initiatives emphasize SmartCash’s core mission of providing crypto that is easy to use, commensurate, fast, seller-oriented, user-friendly, and community-based with a spread management system.


A revolutionary payment system that increases and / or eliminates the limitations of today’s conventional payment methods with the ability to form new sellers in minutes, confirm transactions within seconds, benefits not provided by conventional banks, and unlimited savings for sellers at a cost transactions are almost zero.

Send to Email function

Sending SmartCash to other people or businesses will be even easier with the function of sending SmartCash directly to anyone’s email address, even though they don’t have a web wallet account.

Adaptive Blocks

Blocks will increase based on the average block size to allow for maximum transactions per second, ensuring optimal scalability when individuals and sellers add to SmartCash.

24-Hour Service Center

The SmartCash support team provides a 24-hour support center that will help new sellers receive SmartCash and provide guidance to new users.

Digital Wallet Innovation, Core Enhancement, and Others

Other items included on the road map are introducing electrum wallets to erase waiting times to download blockchain, launch original cellphone wallets with various currency trading capabilities, increase block explorers for more precise accuracy, improve interfaces, and more.

To see the visual road map and current developments, visit

Media Relations Company Involvement

To improve visibility of previous achievements and announcements in the future, the SmartCash community has chosen to involve Blockchain Relations. Officially contracted on April 1, 2018, Blockchain Relations will use multiple communication channels and platforms to ensure ongoing media coverage through syndicated articles and editors, reach of journalists, news portals labeled SmartCash, and various engagement initiatives.

About SmartCash

SmartCash (SMART) is a separate blockchain-based crypto with community governance, self-funded communities, and mining accessibility on standard computers. With an emphasis on community involvement and seller adoption, SmartCash aims to create the fastest and fastest growing crypto.

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